Trustees and Publications

Money gifted to our charity, called the difference, does just what that name suggests, it makes “the difference”, it enhances the services and support given to patients and to staff, it adds real value to the work of NHS Borders. As trustees of ‘the difference’, we applaud those who contribute to these endowment funds.
— John Raine, Chairman of the Trustees
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highlight report

Our highlight report has information on how money is raised and spent to enhance patient care in the Borders.


Our Charity Trustees govern the charity and ensure that we meet charitable purpose, they also ensure that grants are given wisely and equitably.  Like many charities, we are audited each year, and the trustees over see that too.

Mr D Davidson, Non Executive Director
Mrs J Davidson, Chief Executive
Mr M Dickson, Non Executive Director
Mrs C Gillie, Director of Finance

Mrs K Hamilton, Non Executive Director
Dr Dr C Sharp, Medical Director
Dr S Mather, Non Executive Director
Mr J McLaren, Employee Director & Non Executive Director
Cllr D Parker,  Local Authority Representative
Dr T Patterson,  Joint Director of Public Health
Mrs C Pearce, Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Acute Services
Mr J Raine, Chair
Mr T Taylor, Non Executive Director
Mrs A Wilson, Chair, Area Clinical Forum & Non Executive Director



The annual accounts includes the Report of the Trustees which outlines our charity's activities and governance, an Independent Auditors' Report and provides a financial overview.